This interior painting project revolved around a very busy home full of life. With beautiful wooden floors and eye-catching artwork, the house painters made sure that at the end of the day everything was left clean and tidy and ready for living.

When selecting a painting company for your interior painting project always be mindful that it is specified what paint will be used where. Interior paints, in particular, have advanced dramatically in technology of the recent years so now you have the choice for such products that are easily washable, or are antimicrobial that resists bacteria and may benefit people with asthma and allergies.

  • Sand and prepare all wooden surfaces for painting.
  • All wooden joinery received 1 full coat of primer, sealer, undercoat.
  • 2 coats waterbased enamel on all wooden joinery.
  • All ceilings and walls received 2 coats of area specific waterbased topcoats.


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These markers are not on the specific house that was painted but are within the general area of the property.

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