The house painters are highlt skilled and experienced paint strippers. We use a combination of paint stripping methods tailored to the individual needs of each painting project.

Paint removal is a potentially hazardous undertaking – if it is done incorrectly, there can be long-lasting effects. The Auckland house painters take this area of the decorating process very seriously. We ensure that both our clients and staff are safe and protected at every stage of the process.

  • They were so good that I now have them working on my rental properties! I recommend them to everyone!!!

    Beach Haven

The house painters have undertaken extensive research and training.  This means that we know and understand the risk and have identified and developed specialised systems to minimise them.

But knowledge is only half the equation. As in any specialist field, specialised equipment is needed to do the work. This includes encapsulated stripping machines, stripping products and specific vacuum sanders designed to minimise dust. All this costs money, but people stripping paint without these tools are endangering not only themselves but also their clients and neighbours.


The house painters are a true local painting company. Company owners Chris & Angela Miller both grew up on the North Shore and live on the shore in Birkdale. When you organise a quote from us you deal directly with the company owners Chris & Angela. We take your painting project from beginning to end. No salespeope, no porject managers, no random painters, just a very professioanl personal service.

  • A Personal Painting Experience
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Guaranteed Workmanship
  • Registered Master Painters
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


  • What is the best way to strip paint?

    Many techniques and specialised equipment are needed to strip paint safely. The house painters excel in this area and understand every aspect of the process, for safe removal for both you and our staff.

  • Does my home have lead based paint?

    To discover if your home has lead based paint you can purchase test kits from your lkocal hardware store.

  • Why is lead based paint a problem?

    Many homes built before 1980 were painted with lead-based paint. Over time, more and more coats of paint have been applied over these original lead paints – sometimes as many as twenty coats!

    With the increasing weight of the paint, and because paint itself has a limited life, the original lead-based paint undercoat has given up holding onto your weatherboards. It starts to fall away, and lead-filled paint chips fall to the ground. These paint chips can leach lead into the soil and if picked up by children, or eaten by pets can cause lead poisoning.


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