The paint on this Forrest Hill home was bubbling and peeling away after many years of the North Shores unrelenting sun. The only solution was to remove all the paint and start again.

With over 25 years of paint stripping experience, the house painters are the leaders in the safe removal of paint from weatherboards. We use the latest tools and technologies to minimise dust and debris to keep you and our staff safe.

Once the failing paint was removed we then used vacuum-based sanders to smooth the surface ready for priming. After priming we then filled and siliconed as required. Following undercoating the preparation work we then painted 2 topcoats on the weatherboards for maximum protection.

As Registered Master Painters the house painters adhere to strict quality controls to ensure you receive a finish that lasts. As Registered Master Painters the house painters can offer the exclusive Written 5 Year Master Painters Guarantee.

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  • Safely removed all old bubbling failing paint.
  • Prepare the surface for painting using commercial sanders with vacuum collection system.
  • Apply One Full Primer Coat to all bare timber.
  • Apply Galvaised Iron Primer to all bare metal.
  • Fill and gap as required & undercoat.
  • Apply 2 Full Top Coats.
  • Issue Master Painters 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee


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These markers are not on the specific house that was painted but are within the general area of the property.

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